Seriously Funky Throw-Ups

The world of graffiti artists is based on the premise – “you suck until you don’t”. Getting into the inner circle of artists with style isn’t easy. There is no room for wussus. Develop your style, know that there will always be someone better than you, and get a cool name, or your message is messed up before you start.

There are times when a street artist can’t see beyond his own paint can. Get a grip, you aren’t going to be calling Aurora CO roadside assistance anytime soon to usher you around town. It takes bravado to stand out, but it also needs to be reigned in with a little humility.

In the Eyes of the World

graffiti-revealedCompetition for the best graffiti has come to the international stage at the ProJam Competition. The Graffiti ProJam is a gathering held in Mexico City, Mexico where the most talented graffiti and street artists come out and strut their best stuff. It’s a time to show the world that graffiti is a legitimate, widely accepted art form. It’s an opportunity to see and to be seen.

Not only artists show up at ProJam, but representatives from community governments, private galleries, small and large businesses are all in attendance. They are there to surmise how artists in this very trendy genre can be influential in their business. Locally run and family owned concerns like plumbing services in Kansas City MO to large titans of industry like Goodyear Tire and Rubber, come in to see how this unique, one of a kind portrayal of society can be used to promote their products and services.