In the Eyes of the World

graffiti-revealedCompetition for the best graffiti has come to the international stage at the ProJam Competition. The Graffiti ProJam is a gathering held in Mexico City, Mexico where the most talented graffiti and street artists come out and strut their best stuff. It’s a time to show the world that graffiti is a legitimate, widely accepted art form. It’s an opportunity to see and to be seen.

Not only artists show up at ProJam, but representatives from community governments, private galleries, small and large businesses are all in attendance. They are there to surmise how artists in this very trendy genre can be influential in their business. Locally run and family owned concerns like plumbing services in Kansas City MO to large titans of industry like Goodyear Tire and Rubber, come in to see how this unique, one of a kind portrayal of society can be used to promote their products and services.

No flies on these guys. The art world never stands still and so goes the marketing world. It’s top of mind to be aware of the state of mind of an ever changing marketplace. Who better to listen to than the people telling their side of the story through street art? It’s an expression that is free flowing – and apparently never ending.

Graffiti is the voice of the people. It speaks volumes through overstatement and bright colors, torn language and mended mind-sets. It can even have a subliminal influence when the artist is aware how to put a message into the subconscious minds of passersby. Isn’t that what good marketing is all about? Being persuasive without being down your throat?

Artists love the spontaneity and freedom that are inherent in graffiti. The idea of knowing where they will begin a painting, but not completely sure how it will end, gives them the liberty of expression that is innate to the very nature of graffiti. At ProJam even those who come to the event with a plan have been known to move beyond the plan and into an inner world that produces a masterpiece of entirely different specs.

Competitors come from as far away as South Korea, South Africa, the US, Australia. The World Graff Com has become the place to be if you want to be viewed as a serious contender. It’s almost an oxymoron to take graffiti seriously, but at the same time, like all artists the exhibitors have to pay rent.

And come on – they want to be appreciated for their art. The days of the starving artist can be a thing of the past if you have a competitive nature and are willing to paint outside the lines. Marketers are looking for cutting edge and there is no question about it – graffiti is cutting edge.

Contrary to formal, orderly displays of images, graffiti sets the viewer off on a story that is not always easy to follow. For the typical marketer, the ideal is to lead the mind of the consumer towards engagement and ultimately a purchase. For many graffiti artists they are unable to reach the “norm”, but for those who can, they find themselves in demand and very successful.

Graffiti competitions are the perfect place to hone your niche. It’s also an excellent arena to learn and absorb the genius that surrounds other artists, while maintaining your own individual style.

Have you ever been in a graffiti competition? Have you attended a large exhibit of graffiti artists? Leave a comment below – I would appreciate your input.