Graff Nation welcomes artists from every sidewalk, fence, building façade, vehicle, bridge, overpass, underpass and anywhere else you want to throw up your work for the public to consume, admire or condemn.

We share the latest trends that YOU tell us about. We feature new artists as well as some of the best who have been around for decades.

We want to hear from you with new ideas. Share pictures of your best form of graffiti anonymously or with your name labeled in the most outrages scripts you can pump out. We want to see it all.

The worldwide community of graffiti artists born originally from the streets of the impoverished without a voice, have come to be the messengers of a respectable and acceptable power of communication. The art is not about defaming a façade, but is instead about enhancing it with a unique expression not found anywhere else.

Some of you old timers may think you were the originators of graffiti, but take a step back and check out the dudes from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. They were putting their unsolicited stamp on the outside of buildings and grave markers long ago.

This site is about honoring graffiti street artist and the very concept that has prevailed for centuries. This site is about the way we are evolving according to the time yet with a permanent foot in the past as we respect our roots. This site is about all of us who have embraced this form of art as our heart’s passion.

Graff Nation is about all of those who have gone out on a limb to be our spokespeople even when they have put their work out through acts of vandalism. Although that is not condoned, it is often in the very nature of graffiti.

Keep us straight on the facts. If you find anything we have written not to be true – tell us. It’s important that the articles we write are for all of us. They represent those who may not have the ear and only the eyes of the public to tell their story.