Graffiti, Post-Graffiti, Street Art

Graffiti has evolved in unimaginable ways over the last two decades. Street art, which has its roots in graffiti, was once thought of as defaming, but has become one of the fastest growing art forms within an age old mien. Just as Steampunk was spawned from the traditional and classical expressions to become totally unique, so has the language of graffiti.

Does a particular form of art ever really come totally into its own? Who’s to say when there is no end to the ways we express ourselves? There are as many ways to conjure a work of art as there are people to express it. Seven billion personalities on the planet means seven billion individual views. If each could express itself in the art world we would have just as many different interpretations.

Gang Graffiti

gang-tagsWhen you think of graffiti do you think of gang tags and an inappropriate invasion of space? Without question, graffiti is found most frequently in the underprivileged sections of town more so than the upper middle class neighborhoods. Although none are immune if the opportunity presents itself – say at 3 a.m. to a passerby who just happens to be in possession of a spray can or two of paint.

What is the drive behind graffiti? Why is there a need to express an impulse that is continually demonstrated outside the confines of respect for personal space? My cousin Joe, an all-around handyman, told me he was on a Hamilton water heater repairs job and found graffiti in the basement of a customer’s house in the burbs. A testimonial that graffiti can show up in just about any space where there is enough room to make a statement.